How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Make Extra Money

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Spring happens to be the one of the many seasons that is preferred by many for the purpose of cleaning the house and getting rid of all the unwanted things and clutter of waste articles.  This can also give a boost to your budget.

There are so many cultures and regions around the globe that prefer the time of spring particularly for the specific task of removing the clutter from their home. This whole ordeal ends up producing a lot of unwanted articles from every house. There was about 250 million tons of it produced in the year 2010. More than half of this waste was sent to landfill sites keeping in mind the environmental aspect of safely disposing the waste in a way that it does not cause any hazards and at the same time generate more profit while considerably reducing the amount of waste.

There is always a possibility that you can recycle whatever waste products are generated out of the spring cleaning and now-a-days there is even a trend where you can sell the things that are still in good conditions online or otherwise. A very well established firm RadioShack announced that its customers were able to save an estimated $ 1 million just by trading electronic devices that they no longer had use for since as a customer when you trade an active working phone for a new one in any store you get an immediate credit of $300 at website.

It happens to be a very convenient way of getting rid of the electronic products that you no longer require but are unable to just throw them away since they are in working condition. You can also consider it as a bonus that you get on the investment that you made on the device that you are now trading. Now-a-days every second day a better phone or MP3 player or a digital camera is launched and hence any technology that is now new will very soon become outdated. And you may feel the need to move on to what is latest and more advanced in the market; and without trading  it will be very difficult for the prices happen to be very high and it will also be a wastage of the investment that you made on the expensive devices that you had bought earlier.

With the ever changing economy throwing away anything is not an option anymore. People have become more aware socially and also have grown to understand the real value of things. Times when people used to just throw away old clothes and buy new ones have long seized to exist. These days’ people purchase more rationally and responsibly. They dispose of their old clothes in ways that can help the investment that they will be making while buying the new ones.  Resale outlets are rapidly increasing in number for the sole reason that people do prefer these methods. In the US alone a 7% increase was observed in the resale outlets which only goes on to point that people are no longer held back due to the stigma of considering second hand clothes as something less respectable.

Sites like ebay prove to be an ideal medium for one to sell their clothes at a profitable price. There are so many people out there who are looking for economic options and buying clothes from these sites and not to forget the people who are always looking for vintage fashion clothing.  There is a market full of buyers so a spring cleaning of wardrobes can not only clear your wardrobe of unwanted clothing while creating space for new articles but you also generate a lot of profit. It is always recommended to sell the clothes considering the time of the year so if you are planning to sell stuff after a spring cleaning you’ll select articles according to the weather during the months of April and May.

Things related to entertainment like books and DVDs very commonly get accumulated all around the house and take up a lot of space, you can always single out the stuff that you no longer want and sell it out via e-commerce. Most of the time you can’t charge a very high price for articles like DVDs and books if you are selling them in small numbers but if you have a bulk then you can make a fair amount of money from it. You can even swap your DVDs and books with other individuals who are looking for doing the same over various sites like This may not appear to be a very profitable venture since you are looking for getting rid of the unwanted stuff but you can look for something that is quite in demand in the market and then acquire it by swapping and then sell it online to generate profit. It will not only help you to get rid of the article that you no longer wanted and get a new one in return but also generate a profit later on.

Spring cleaning has been around since a very long time and with the developments in technology and commerce it has become more profitable and fairly easy to get rid of the unwanted material.

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Why should you pay off your home mortgage early?

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Paying off the mortgage at the earliest will help to secure home ownership besides enabling a significant amount of savings. Following certain strategies will help to settle your home mortgage early. Failing or deferring even a single payment will affect your credit score. To avoid paying more towards the interest and to protect credit ratings, most of the consumers prefer to refinance home mortgages. By refinancing, the interest rates (click here) could be lowered which further leads to reduced monthly payments. If your goal is to pay off the mortgage at the earliest, you need to take appropriate steps to reach your goal.

Strategies to clear your mortgage fast

The first step is to specify a target time for paying off the mortgage. Suppose you decide to clear your 30 year mortgage within 15 years, you need to calculate the additional payment you need to make every month and do the needful to meet the additional payments. If you are able to implement your plan, you can save a lot on the interest. However, to implement the plan, you need to keep away from unnecessary purchases and lavish spending habits. If your lender permits, you can consider making mortgage payments every fortnight. Some of the lenders charge for offering such a provision.

If there is a raise in your monthly pay, you can contribute that additional amount to clear the mortgage. You can contact your lender to understand whether this is permitted. The plan to buy a new car or renovate the house should be put off so that your focus on clearing the mortgage does not get deviated. When you decide to make additional payments, you should ensure that it is affordable in your financial position. You can also consider round up payment. Again you need to understand whether it is possible in your situation.

Keep looking for a decline in the interest rates on home mortgages. When you find the interest rates dropping down, you can opt to refinance your loan immediately. If you are sure of making higher monthly payments, you can consider refinancing your 30 year loan to 15 years. Besides reducing the loan term, your payments towards the interest are also much reduced. Since you need to contribute a huge amount towards the monthly payments, you need to be patient in taking the decision. If you do not have other financial obligations and if your financial position allows, you can opt to refinance the home mortgage.

Yet another alternative to reduce your mortgage payment is to dispose your big home and go for a comparatively smaller house. This will help to make loan payment in cash and there will not be any necessity to get loan for the purpose. This option is ideal for small families who can dispose the large home and shift to a smaller home without inconvenience. Apart from the options mentioned, the additional funds you get can be spared towards your mortgage payments. You can consult your financial advisors regarding this and get guided to clear your mortgage earlier and reach your goal of financial independence.

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International Online banking – Ways to Satisfy an International Client

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In times of stricter government regulations, strategic currency control as well as money laundering, having access to international online banking is only a realistic approach. It is also a sensible way of internationally diversifying yourself but securing a part of your finances in a foreign country. With the current economy looms the danger of bank accounts being frozen in your home country and hence it is a good idea to keep some money in a foreign account outside your country.

Matters of security

Security is a big concern when it comes to online banking internationally. Banks that are serious about the business they receive from offshore clients are keen on providing the best online security possible. The most common feature here is the ‘one time password’ that banks provide when you try to access your account from across international waters. This password is directly sent to your mobile phone and you may enter it to gain access to your account. It is important that you provide the bank updates of any changes in your personal information.

Online services offered

International banks initially appointed a relationship manager who would help in maintaining relations between its customer and the bank. So, whenever, you needed a new card or had to block a damaged card you would have to go through your relationship manager. This was an extremely good gesture on the part of the bank but it also limited the clients’ interaction to the local banking hours. To minimize the inconvenience, international banks, have, today started their own online service centers. Through this center you may also be able to keep record of your e-statements.

Keeping you alert

International banking has been provided at your fingertips literally by the alerting services that the banks have. An e-mail account or your phone must be directly connected to your account. This way whenever a transaction occurs you may be alerted instantly no matter which part of the world you may be in.

These banks also offer certain customized packages for a certain package price.

Money transfers and payments

The online banking services at the international banks facilitate fast money transfer from your account to another. Just by using a specific code designed for that particular bank and one particular account, money can be transferred directly and without trouble. Each bank has its own unique code and you must be aware of that code in order to make a transaction complete.

Some of you may think that international online banking can be complicated and time consuming. With the newest technology adopted by the banks and with good internet connection banking should not be a problem at all from any part of the world. In fact, the processes have been made quite simple to make it easy for you to complete your transactions under the most secure environment. Global fund transfers can be done even through your phone. The banks also have facilities for managing multiple currency accounts.  In addition, you may also seek personal as well as advice on wealth management from their expert professionals.

International banking is not just limited to banking alone. It explores a variety of options. International banks want you to keep your money with them and have themselves partnered with tax planners or insurance planners to be able to offer any advice if customers so require them. You may be able to get some great advice of life insurance or on how you can gain access to international mortgage. You will still have a personal relationship manager who will be available to satisfy any other query that you may have that cannot be solved online.

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How to judge your favorite dog insurance policy

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A happy and healthy pet turns your mood on; a few key essentials to keep it healthy are now covered under dog insurance. You’ll need to keep an eye on things that aren’t covered under specific policies. Your dog insurance policy won’t pay for losses or damages that come under these exclusions. Upon purchasing your dog insurance plan, you’ll be liable to pay for certain items and events that are enlisted; these items and events will constitute a considerable part of the fine print. You may encounter a few good exclusions listed under your dog insurance policy.

  • Training or therapy, training or behavioral problem expenses
  • Conditions associated with breeding
  • diseases and defects that are congenital or hereditary in nature
  • Conditions that seem long-term or chronic and continuing since the earlier policy year
  • Conditions, tests and treatments that are excluded by the policy clauses
  • Cosmetic surgeries and elective procedures
  • Uprooting of deciduous teeth, endodontic and orthodontics
  • Polishing or cleaning of teeth
  • Conditions that existed before the current policy year
  • Diagnosing heartworms and other parasites alongside preventative treatments
  • Vaccines, routine screenings or tests, and routine examinations
  • Neutering and spaying
  • Bathing, grooming costs, mineral supplements, vitamins, pet food, and specialty diets
  • Expenses concerning your visit to hospital or the office of the vet
  • Whipworms, tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and heartworms are a few of the internal parasites besides ticks, lice, fleas and other external parasites that need treatment

The list possesses a good number of items, as you can see. You may inquire your insurance provider whether any of these items are excluded in your policy. This will give you an opportunity to understand if these benefits can be added to your policy for an extra fee.

There are a few good factors that differentiate between dog insurance policies; factors like the company that you choose for coverage or your place of residence would determine whether the things that you wish to be included in your policy can actually be added. Prior to signing your agreement, you must go through the policy details. In case you come across any discrepancies, you must clarify them with the insurer.

How to choose your dog insurance provider

There are specific things that you ought to keep in mind while choosing your dog insurance policy. Let’s consider a few of these factors in details before you opt for an insurance provider -


Make sure you go through the accreditations obtained by your chosen insurer. Their rating with the BBB may have some significance in this regard. A+, A, and A- are the ratings that a company with repute usually reflects. You must read through the nature of their services, their network and their service history prior to arriving at an agreement with them.


In addition, you may go through the reviews posed across numerous websites and forums. Some of these reviews tend to be useful, while the rest are not; you’ll need to gather the common feedback that’s reflected in a majority of reviews. If a majority of reviews reflect positive feedbacks on your chosen service provider, then they might indeed turn out to be credible.


Testimonials shared by customers that have experienced the services of your favorite provider may also be counted. Some of the service providers have websites that show you through latest testimonials depicting the contact information of the respective customers. You may choose to get in touch with a few of them to gain more knowledge on the quality of services that you’re about to pay for.

Recalling all of the facts mentioned above will certainly help you in your attempt to choose the best dog insurance policy.

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Chaps Payment – all details about it

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Electronic payments like telegraphic transfers are made between two accounts belonging to two different organizations. For the UK based payments, the Clearing House automated payments System (chaps) is used by Nationwide.

Chaps line request

Logging on to the Online Bank is necessary for requesting any chaps transfer over the internet:

* Choose Move money – tab present at the top of the page; check image of tab

* Search remaining payments – situated at the end of the page

* Locate an option that enables you to use chaps for creating a payments

* Select your account – a drop list will be shown when you have multiple accounts

* Choose Go

* Keep on reading the instructions on screen

Use of a card reader for authorizing the payments of your chaps

For authorizing a transaction, you may need to use a card reader. The form needs to be printed, completed and duly signed in case you don’t possess a card reader. This has to be done prior to conveying it to the address mentioned in the printed form.

Chaps Limit

For utilizing chaps payments while transferring there’s no maximum or minimum limit to the payments amount.

Charges & Fees

Using chaps to convey a payment demands a fee, go through:

Savings account – conditions & terms associated with product

Current account – charges & fees

For sending chaps payment the originating bank may charge a fee, but for receiving it no fee is charged by Nationwide.

Processing times

The recipient needs to have the payments with him on the very day that they are made during the week (Mon to Fri); in order to make this happen, you’ll need to make sure that Nationwide receives your posted instructions within 1:00 p.m. on that very day. The following working day will be considered for processing payments that are created either on a Saturday or after 1:00 p.m. on a week day.

In the event you fail to bank online – you may visit a local bank branch and request an identification proof and your chaps transfer

Conditions of Transfer

1. Your account number, address and name need to show up via the chain or payments on all messages related to the transfer and the transfer itself.

2. You won’t be able to refund the administration fee

3. Any losses or claims arising while transferring the money won’t compel Nationwide or its agents to be responsible till as long as they don’t show any negligence towards such transfers -

i. The beneficiary or the receiving bank didn’t receive the money or

ii. The beneficiary or the receiving bank rejected it or

iii. The transfer got delayed due to certain unforeseen reasons while the money was in transit

iv. Had been stopped by you.

As per the above conditions, the outcome of such transfers will be notified to you after Nationwide makes all efforts to trace your funds.

Funds will be provided to the recipient on the same day that the payments are created via chaps; it is usually within 1:00 p.m. on the same day that Nationwide Foreign and chaps payments team is supposed to receive the instructions. Charges may be levied for the services performed by the agent banks in the event an investigation involving payments is needed to be processed. You’ll eventually be responsible for these charges, since they are not within the purview of Nationwide.

Using my information

Overseas authorities ought to be provided with an individual applicant’s personal information and transaction details for making these payments. Apart from preventing crime, chaps payment system will also maintain compliance with legal obligations that are applicable.

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