Spider Lifts

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All Spider-Lifts are all designed with similar concept features; i.e. light weight, very compact construction, suitable for narrow access sites, use four stabiliser legs for stability and levelling on steep and undulating terrain.  These lifts generally feature dual-power hydraulic pumps to allow indoor and out door operation.  Most models can be equipped  with non marking wheels or rubber crawler tracks to allow operation on interior flooring.

Spider has been putting contractors to work at height safely and reliably since 1947, so it was only natural that we recently increased our line of material lifts and electric hoists.. As an exclusive supplier of Beta Max Hoist, Inc. products, Spider now offers a full line of portable material hoists and rigging or carrying accessories, available for rent or sale from our 24 locations in the Americas. Beta Max makes accessing confined and hard to reach spaces easy with their portable electric hoists. Control your work flow, schedule and budget with the most efficient and safe material lift delivery system to any work level. With a variety of material lifting capacities and mounting options, we have a Beta Max hoist to meet your precise material handling needs. Simply one of the best electric hoist systems on the market today !

An innovative range of narrow and low ground pressure Spider Lifts Access Platforms, designed to pass through a standard doorway, path or gateway. These lightweight specialist access platforms can operate internally on pedestrian floors and outdoors on gardens and drive ways, without damaging fragile floors.



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Lottery: How to spot Scam E-mails

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Those who are playing lottery frequently, irrespective of the results should be aware of the rising number of lottery scams which has plagued this industry in a major way. Today, it is very easy to forge scam lottery e-mails and befool unsuspecting customers. Now, these scam e-mails are nothing new. However, with the progress of technology they are spreading more widely than ever before. Today, we will be trying to address this concern by discussing it in detail so that readers are more aware of how these scammers function and can prudently stay away from them. So, do take a look!

The fundamentals

The whole e-mail scam thing starts with you receiving an e-mail from an unknown source claiming that you have “won” a cash prize and asking you to take a number of steps in order to claim the prize. It is very difficult to recognize them as scams because they have a typically “trustworthy” touch attached to them. At least if you are receiving such a mail for the first time, it will not really be easy for you to “detect”.

One of the steps of claiming this prize is to transfer a handing fee to these supposed “lottery organizers” which is to be “used” for transferring the cash prize to your bank account. Now, this fee can often be a sizable amount touching 4 figures as well. This “four figure” does not seem much for “winners” who are expecting to bag millions through the lottery. Once you do make the mistake of transferring the “fee” the process of scamming you is complete. You will not really be able to get hold of the “lottery organizers” after you have processed the payment.

How can you stop getting duped like this?

One of the most important things to remember is that you can never win a lottery unless and until you have entered a draw. If you cannot remember entering a draw then it should be considered as a huge red flag and the sender of the e-mail is probably trying to cheat you!

A genuine lottery organizer (like DTD European Services Ltd) will never ask you to pay a handling fee beforehand. The best way to deal with the scam calls or e-mails claiming that you have won money would be either to ignore them totally or report them. It is very important to note the name of the lottery organizer who/which has sent you the mail. Generally the scammers are the ones who use names which do not even exist in the market.

Therefore, it goes without saying that you should be searching these names thoroughly on the internet before settling for the supposed cash prize. A thorough background research will actually let you take an informed decision in this regard.

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Tampa Real Estate up For Buyers

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Tampa realtors are experiencing a somewhat cool market mostly favorable for buyers instead of sellers. In addition, there is a rather low mortgage rate recorded in a long time which is also aiding the buyers’ market. So, according to top real estate agents in Tampa, if you want to sell your house now may not be the right time unless you have an emergency situation. If circumstances permit you to keep from selling your property, it may be a wise decision to rent it out and sell when the market turns in favor. The share of adult renters has been reportedly raised from 28 percent to 36 percent in the recent years. According to Zillow, a popular real estate listing website, value of homes in Tampa will see a 3.7 percent increase over the coming years in favor of buyers.

A lot of big investors spent money on Tampa homes and now they are catching their breath due to the rising prices of houses in the shoreline area. Big investors have bought at the rate of about 500 homes a month but are now pulling out of the buying game. A shoreline property in the city sells for more than eight times its value compared to a property that is not on the shoreline. The large premium on Tampa homes places it in the fourth place after Riviera Beach, Sarasota and Fla according to Tom Atkins, a real estate agent in Tampa.

Properties on the shoreline are quite scarce and extremely desirable and hence there is a high demand but supply has not been met leading to the high prices of waterfront homes in Tampa. In addition there are also other costs like insurance, cost for infrastructure, flood and the like when you buy a waterfront property. However, despite all this, buyers understand the additional costs and seek such properties for pleasurable living. Tampa is among the few cities where buyers pay a huge premium on shoreline properties. Top broker of Tampa, Scott helps his clients discover new waterfront condos situated along the coast of Mexico. He says, “a lot of people come here after retirement and all they want is to find a peaceful waterfront home to relax and spend the rest of their days in.” According to him buyers like to take advantage of the Intercoastal waterways and the pristine beaches.

Tampa is full of waterfront properties. The best realtors in Tampa would be able to guide you through the properties listed but the best places to look for a home would be Davis Island, South Tampa, Bayport, Mirabay and Apollo Beach. Other areas to look for a property are St. Petersburg, Snell Isle, Bayway Isles, and Tierra Verdi. However, just finding a property is not enough. A buyer needs to also know other aspects to check before zeroing on a piece of property. Find the best real estate agent Tampa to help you look through the properties and help you find the right one for your money’s worth. Real estate listing websites can be helpful in such a case.

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Different Aspects Of Online Lottery Explored

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The thrill and excitement of winning online lotteries can draw many of you out there to choose websites arbitrarily and initiate your game there. Needless to point out, there is an immense sense of comfort associated with the whole idea of just sitting at home and hitting jackpots—no need to venture out of homes in order to buy lottery tickets. Yes, there are serious benefits to be reaped from online lottery. However, a potential player should be sagacious enough to understand that there are a lot of factors to be considered before one finally selects an online lottery website. Why is that? Read on to discover.

Online Lottery: The General Apprehensions and Awareness

Now, if you are aware of the general apprehensions which prevail regarding the lottery websites then you would be also be aware of the fact that it is much easier to be swindled online than it is offline. There are a number of scammers masquerading as genuine online lottery syndicates, ready to fool and rob you off your hard earned money. So, you should be on your strongest guard in this regard. It is very important to invest proper time in selecting an authentic website. The research might take up some time but patience is key to success here.


First of all, it would only be sagacious to clarify that there is no standard department like the Better Business Bureau to which you can turn to, in order to determine whether a particular website dealing with lottery is authentic or not. It might make the task of researching a bit more challenging for you. But fret not! Proper time invested would only pay dividends in the long run. With the help of your survey if you are able to zero in on syndicates like the DTD European Services LTD then you would only be able to get your rewards on time (if you manage to win any!).

Online Lottery: Forums

A wise way would be to consult the different forums of online lottery players. You can obtain sufficient information about:

  • The syndicates or online lottery websites the players are playing with
  • Their experience of playing with different companies (when they had encountered a scam or not)
  • Tips to play
  • Other such pieces of information relevant with online lotto



Based on the discussions mostly held by participants on these forums you can be rest assured that you would find necessary information easily. So, naturally it would become easier for you to decide which site to choose and which one not too. You jolly well can strike off name or names which have not been able to leave behind a positive impact on the players, from your list.


Find out what your friends or family members, playing online lottery have to say.


The benefit of playing with Syndicates


A good way to bolster your winning chances would be to play with a pool of players instead of playing alone. There would be a greater number of number patterns in that case. And varied number patterns definitely imply higher chances of success.


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The Power of Corporate E-Cards to Strengthen your Marketing Strategies

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Businesses, for a long time, have leveraged the infallible emotional appeal of the corporate greeting cards to bolster their marketing strategies during the holiday season. Backed by the power of technology these electronic greeting cards combine the benefits of speedy delivery as well as high level of customization. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that businesses use them to reconnect with clients by wishing them during good times. The emotional value can directly be likened to the impact created on the recipient when he/she used to receive a greeting card on Christmas, New Year, birthdays or for that matter on any auspicious occasion. And, just because of their eternal emotional value, greeting cards have been able to make a foray in to the digital space as well. They have their place secured in the face of the constantly evolving marketing strategies. If you are a business owner, not really aware of the multifarious benefits of these business ecards, then please feel free to read on.

The benefits of using business e-greeting cards as promotional tools

If used properly, these e-cards can be utilized as great promotional vehicles. Quite unfortunately, almost all the companies are preparing them for clients. An individual, whose mail box is bombarded with a string of e-cards, might not even be inspired to open a mail if he is not intrigued by the content.

In order to ensure that you are making the first impression right, make sure that you are framing a real interesting, offbeat but relevant subject line.

After the subject line, the user will be coming to your card. Make sure the graphics and the message used are unique and reflective of your company values. Do not repeat the same message for all your clients. This is the most opportune moment to give vent to your creativity and frame beautiful messages to add a personal touch.

The promotional aspect can be utilized by inclusion of your brand logo and an URL which directs consumers to your websites. Expect more traffic and more sales as a result.

The corporate greeting cards are eco-friendly

The electronic greeting cards are environment friendly alternatives to handmade greeting cards as they do not involve the use of paper. They are more cost-efficient as well, since they do not require you to hire people to make them.


It can well be assumed that the power of e-cards as a promotional tool is not going to wane anytime soon. So you can jolly well incorporate them in your campaign strategies. There are several websites offering these cards. Almost all of them will offer options to customize and personalize. Compare the prices, designs layouts and then settle for a choice. Happy Holiday!

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