Promotional Models, Exhibition Staff UK

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Exhibition Girls Exhibition Staffing Agency have 10 years experience in the exhibition and tradeshow industry. We have worked on the field on 100’s of stands as sales staff, hostesses and exhibition stand hostesses meaning are experienced in getting companies the best staff.

Exhibition Girls have supplied 100s of companies with business focused professional freelance staff exhibition staff to support their presence and maximise sales at tradeshows across the UK and internationally.

Looking for promotional staff in the UK? You’ve come to the right place. Here at UK Promotional Staff we specialise in promotional models and help take the pain out of finding staff for your next promotional event. We understand that it is difficult to organise staffing for these events, and because of this, we deal with every stage of the process for you.

To find the ideal promotional staff for your event, you simply search our directory based on the criteria you have – e.g. How many models? Which location in the UK? How many days? Guys, girls or both? Etc. We will have a very comprehensive Staff Search facility on our site, allowing you to find the ideal Promotions Staff for your event.

You can search using many criteria so you can find the ideal promotional staff. Our intelligent search system will find the best models that suit your specific search criteria, and provide the models that are closest to your event, so as to save on cost. Our online quote system also ensures that travel costs and accommodation are taken into account where applicable so you know that there are no extra charges within the quote.

We are the UK’s leading promotional staffing agency who cover the whole of the U.K as well as x10 international locations. Our Promotional staff team can assist you with many things including leafleting, data capture, hostess work, road shows, sampling, exhibition staff, Trade show models, registration staff, grid girls, sales staff, promotional models, retail counter product demonstrations, in-store promotion, marketing and brand promotion. We are also one of the few agencies who have a specialised Grid Girl division providing the most beautiful girls around as well as offering bespoke promotional clothing lines for your team. To view our girls and guys simply click on the tab above “Our promo models”

We specialise in sporting events, at both urban and rural locations, music festivals from huge multi-site events to the more intimate.  We have worked with UK wide concert tours and also provided professional promotional teams to an array of brands and industries.  Our highly skilled and experienced core and freelance managers have the ability to operate teams that can be just a handful up to 1000+ per weekend.  View our event history in our ‘About’ page and contact us with your staffing or employment enquiries in order to find out how Flair can be the company you have been seeking.

We have a talented team of promotional staff who are suitably qualified experienced to fulfill most types of marketing and promotional event campaigns. Whether you require promotional models, costumed characters, brand ambassadors, live presenters, product demonstrators, entertainers or performers our staff can create the buzz needed to make your event or marketing campaign memorable. More so, they have the ability to capture the attention of your target market, spur interest in your product and service and showcase your product, service or brand in a friendly, upbeat but professional manner.

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Hiring contractors: your ultimate guide as a project manager

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Contracting, as a working pattern, has increased in recent years across almost every industry. In fact, the contract workforce is quickly becoming the new normal. At the current rate of growth, independent contractors may make up half of the nation’s workforce in the near future.

So, why has independent contracting grown in such leaps and bounds? Many people work as independent contractors because it affords them the freedom of flexible working conditions on projects they really want to do. Part of it may be the uncertainty of the economy, but another driving force is that many employers have recognized the benefits of hiring contractors, particularly because the internet and technology have made it possible to choose from a vast pool of experts, at the ready at a virtual moment’s notice.

However, as a project manager, you need to recognize that there is a difference between a full-time employee and a contractor. A main difference is that it boils down to how much control you have as the employer. For example, you can require a contractor to work a certain number of hours each week, but you can’t really demand that they work during a certain range of hours. Remember, independent contractors operate under their own business name, even if they are working as an individual, and may have more than one client. Employees work exclusively for you.

Hiring contractors has the potential to bring huge benefits to a business. Most independent contractors are highly skilled professionals who bring a lot to the table: the ability to solve problems, original thinking, and the ability to plug skills and knowledge gaps when necessary. But because there are so many independent contractors out there, it is essential to find the right person for the job. Attracting the best talent is vital, so project managers really need to focus on making the right decision.

An independent contractor will allow you to expand your available talent pool – but just keep in mind that many seasoned professionals prefer to work freelance so as to not be tied down to one company or project. However, when you find the right match, it is an excellent solution to find specific skill sets that are required for key projects and business initiatives. Additionally, many employers opt to hire freelancers for long-term projects because of the flexibility of the relationship as well as the stable commitment. Often, independent contractors are more committed to their work than full-time staffers.

Cost is an important aspect when considering any business decision, especially when it comes to contractor pay. In many cases, hiring an independent contractor could be more cost-effective than a permanent employee. With freelancers, you know exactly what the cost will be and you typically won’t have to pay any other benefits such as bonuses, employer tax obligations, pensions, or other benefits.

Just remember, while there are certainly plenty of jobs that are best done by permanent staff, there is an increasing amount of work that is easily – and effectively – delegated to freelance professionals across all industries. Hiring a contractor can help companies stick to a budget, improve business practices, and grow the company into something even bigger and better than it is now.

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Playing Lottery Online: Allaying Fears

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Have you played online lottery before? Are you afraid of the fact that you will not be able to get hold of your prize money (if, at all, you end up winning it?). If you are someone who is apprehensive of trusting blindly on the credentials of the online lottery service providers then let us tell you that you are not the only one out there to think on those lines.

Can you play lottery online?

There is no dearth of UK lottery organizers offering services online. And, needless to mention, almost all of them will come up with tall claims of being the best in the industry. In reality, there is no dearth of fraudsters posing as authentic lottery syndicates as well. However, it becomes difficult for us to trust brands without conventional brick and mortar shops. This stands true in spite of the fact that online shopping or for that matter, online sourcing of goods has taken global commerce by storm. What if the online lottery service provider turns out to be a fraud? What if, they don’t give your money after you have bought the tickets online and have already won the prize money? Valid fears!

Why is online lottery becoming so popular these days?

On the other hand, customers, in general, are increasingly inclined towards depending on online lottery providers—because of the very simple fact that they are not really required to leave the comfort of their homes in order to secure the tickets. They can buy the tickets from anywhere they want- just with the help of a properly working internet connection.

Elite Lotto UK and Tips to find the best lottery service providers online

You can secure the best of online lottery services by conducting a thorough background research of the company. If you are diligent enough to ensure that you are settling for the services of an online lottery provider only after being completely sure about its credentials then you are sorted. Elite Lotto UK (e-Luk), for instance, remains one of the most trusted online lottery syndicates in the UK. The syndicate allows members to play in teams thereby bolstering the winning chances of individual players. Each member of your team gets to play with his or her own lucky numbers. All of the players are playing with different combinations. If one of the combinations in your team ends up winning a prize, every other member of the team will be entitled to share the prize money.

How much afraid of playing lottery online are you now?

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Serviced offices in Manchester city centre

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Our high-specification serviced offices in Manchester city centre are available to rent for one person upwards for as little as one month. The offices include furniture, telephones, broadband and individual company answering services as standard.

Designed to provide your business with maximum flexibility at minimum cost, our serviced offices present an affordable way to get your organisation or project up and running in a professional office surrounding, without the hassle of having to take on a full lease.

We understand that it is important for organisations to have a strong office location. Our commercial properties are therefore positioned in top central sites and business districts, providing you with a prestigious business address.Our serviced offices Manchester are located in a number of prominent business areas across the city centre . The Offices provides serviced offices, offices, meeting rooms, day desks, day offices and virtual offices in Manchester .

Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, in the north-west of England. Greater Manchester itself, with an estimated population of over 2.6 million means it is one of the largest cities in Great Britain, and a big reason why many business are choosing to have serviced offices in Manchester.

Manchester is the home of firsts; it was the site of the world’s first railway system in 1830, it hosted the first ever meeting of the Trades Union Congress, it was where the world’s first programmable computer was developed, and also where scientists split the atom for the first time in history.

For businesses with serviced offices in Manchester, the city is also home to two of the world’s biggest football clubs; Manchester United and Manchester City. Perfect for entertaining clients who enjoy sport.

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Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVD)

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A hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is a user interface that connects to applications and data that are stored on a cloud provider’s servers rather than on the user’s computer or the corporate network. An HVD is sometimes referred to as a cloud-hosted virtual desktop.

​​Hosted virtual Desktop uses the power of the internet to deliver a quick and easy to use online computing system. As consumers enjoy ever more online services which they can access using a smart phone, so these consumers need the same flexibility and power in their working lives. This is where Hosted Desktop fits, its a cloud service for business that enables you to access your entire work computing requirements from anywhere, on pretty much any device.

A hosted virtual desktop (HVD) is a full, thick-client user environment, which is run as a virtual machine (VM) on a server and accessed remotely. HVD implementations comprise server virtualization software to host desktop software (as a server workload), brokering/session management software to connect users to their desktop environment, and tools for managing the provisioning and maintenance (e.g., updates and patches) of the virtual desktop software stack.

When it comes to hosted virtual desktops, many organizations are ​already kicking the tires. “Most of my customers are asking about it, if not going to a proof of concept,” says Scott Mayers, a principal director at Align, an IT solutions provider focused on the financial services and retail industries.

“2011 is the year when a lot of those concepts will mature into actual deployments,” says Ian Song, an analyst at IDC. But so far, he adds, most deployments are still fairly small-scale. The market research firm projects that only about 13.5 million out of 400 million PC shipments this year will be VDI implementations — just over 3%. By 2014 that number will more than double, to 34 million, accounting for nearly 7% of the market.

What does Remote Desktop Virtualization Host do ?

An administrator can make personal virtual desktops or virtual desktop pools available to users by using either RemoteApp and Desktop Connection or Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access). These virtual desktops are virtual machines hosted on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 on which Hyper-V and RD Virtualization Host are also installed.

With a personal virtual desktop, a user is assigned a personal virtual desktop in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). A personal virtual desktop can be assigned to only one user account. All customizations that the user does to their personal virtual desktop are saved and available to them when they log on to the personal virtual desktop again.

A virtual desktop pool requires that virtual machines are identically configured and should not already be assigned to a user as a personal virtual desktop. Because the virtual machines are identically configured, the user will see the same virtual desktop, regardless of which virtual machine in the virtual desktop pool the user connects to by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection. Also, you can configure virtual desktop pools to roll back to a previous state when a user account logs off from the computer.

 Hosted Virtual Desktop Increases Security 

Your applications and data are run and stored in our secure community cloud platform. It reaches your virtual desktop via encrypted screen shots. Your interactions with the virtual desktop are then transmitted back to our ​datacenters where then then send back the result of your commands over encrypted screen shots. That’s it. It’s that simple. The real beauty of this model is none of your actual data ever crosses the internet or gets stored on your machine. Even if some ambitious hacker decided they wanted to snag a screen shot out of the air, they are encrypted. When mobile equipment is lost or stolen you need only replace it, not worry about compromised data.

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