Spreading the Cost Of Buying Essential Products With Credit Catalogues

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Credit catalogues are a favourite among people these days, because it allows you to buy expensive, but essential things without having to pay the huge upfront costs. Some reputed catalogue companies provide you with the easiest catalogues to get good deals without you having to stretch your budgets too much.

While some providers are very particular about whom they approve to be their customers, there are many others that have a more open policy. With either type of companies, you can fulfil your monthly requirements much more easily.

Choosing a company

The first step towards smart shopping is finding reliable and reputable credit catalogue companies. This industry is attractive enough to consumers that there are many shady companies offering very low interest rates and no credit checks. You want to find a company that:

  • Offers the types of products you are looking for
  • Is more likely to approve your application based on your financials
  • Is willing to increase your credit limits with regular payments

Pay particular attention to the interest rates offered by credit catalogues. If you have a bad score, the company needs more assurance and mitigate risk of non-payments. This is why they usually have higher interest rates and sometimes ask for collateral. If you see a company that provides credit catalogues low or no interest rates for a bad credit rating, it is not very credible.

Getting approved

For most credit catalogues, it is easy to get approved though the credit limit will be different for each, depending on the kind of products on offer and the size of the company. Your approval and credit limit depends on:

  • Whether the company is convinced you will be able to make payments
  • Your previous record with monthly payments and other credit catalogues
  • What kind of details and documents you can provide with your application

Once you apply, your approval status is sent to you within a week. Some may also tell you instantly whether you will be approved or not. Typically, the ones with higher interest rates are the easiest catalogues to get approved with.

Increasing chances of approval

When you think about how to be a more attractive customer to credit catalogues, you need to see what they expect from you. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of approval you need to:

  • Pay all your bills on time
  • Make timely payments to the credit catalogue for the products you buy
  • Work for an employer for a long time to show financial stability
  • Not change residence frequently as it is a sign of instability

All this time, you also need to keep working on increasing your income. After all, that is the best way to improve your credit score. Regular payments will just fast track your progress. If you want to make steady progress, only buy those things from the credit catalogue that you need.

If there is a product that you want, but have no immediate use for or is just a luxury item, put off the purchase for a while. For instance, buying a laptop is a great choice if it will help you use it productively and work to increase your income. You can use credit catalogues smartly and improve your financial situation at the same time you buy products.

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Stephen Heyer works with one of the leading online sources where you can compare the best and the easiest catalogues to get the cheapest deals that are also being offered to customers with low credit scores. Visit their website to vendor listings. 

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Online Lottery Syndicate: What You Need To Know

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If you have been into playing lottery for quite a long time then you would not really be unaware of the existence of the online lottery syndicates. While there are some of you, who are in favor of playing in this format since it increases the winning odds, there are others who are apprehensive of sharing their wins with others. Those of you all who are not familiar with the workings of a lottery syndicate; we will discuss the same in detail for you. So, go through the post in order to find out more about online lottery syndicate.

Online Lottery Syndicate

There are some online lottery syndicates run by reputed names like Camelot and DTD European Services LTD. You can join one of these syndicates after conducting your search on the internet (as in which syndicate you want to join). These syndicates are duly automated meaning your tickets and payment (on every draw) will be processed. Here, you are primarily playing with a pool of players instead of playing all by yourself. When you are playing individually you have only a single chance of pocketing the prize. However, with a syndicate (a greater number of players chipping in) your chances of winning are multiplied.

You can be on the lookout for particular syndicates which adopt unique but effective winning strategies so as to increase your winning chances by 3600%!!!!! The methods, generally, are explained on the respective websites.

There are certain offline syndicates which offer single “Draw” options while there are others who offer Euro Millions draw. Players are generally informed about the draws via e-mails.

Please note…

One of the major benefits of playing online lottery syndicate is that it does not entail problems tied to the offline syndicates— like the player might forget to pay or for that matter, the ticket purchaser determines not to disclose about the win to you.


There, definitely, are overall benefits of playing with a pool. Irrespective of how many times a lottery is played in a week you actually are able to share the prize with your team. Since you are a part of a team whose players are playing with different combinations, you might end up winning something every single time! The syndicates are organized lottery systems whereby your numbers are picked up based on tested lottery software systems!

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your online research today. Start surveying the background of the online lottery syndicates today. Determine their credentials by visiting relevant forums where lottery players participate on a regular basis. Put up a few names of the lottery syndicates you have researched on, and ask players for their suggestions regarding your joining these platforms. Ask them about their feedback on playing with lottery syndicates, in general as well. These forums are a great place to educate yourself.

Be on your strongest guard against online scammers. Filtering out genuine lottery syndicates would be key to your success with online lottery. There are scammers who will just send out random e-mails to you, saying that you have won a certain prize based on (once again) a random draw and that you are required to send over some money, so that they can process the cash prize to you. Our advice for you would be to steer clear of these propositions—- strictly!

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Understanding Fees for Merchant Accounts

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When budgeting for a new business, it is important that you figure in every business service you will need to succeed. Among those services, merchant accounts can be one of the most important and one of the most costly. This is because there are a variety of fees associated with merchant accounts. Beyond just the monthly service fee, it is important to consider all of these different fees if you hope to get the best deal.

What is a Merchant Account?

As a business owner, your responsibility is to make sure that your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This means that you have to be comfortable delegating tasks to other members of your team. To get a complete explanation of merchant accounts is not only unnecessary, but it can be extremely confusing, especially when you are focusing on streamlining the operation of your business. Put simply, merchant accounts allow you to accept a variety of payment types, the most common and important being credit cards. With each merchant account, you will also be responsible for fees.

What Are the Fees?

There are a variety of fees attached to merchant accounts. Some of these are a necessary part of every company, while others are based on the provider and the business being serviced. It is important that you are aware of these difference fees prior to starting your search for merchant accounts. This will help you make the most informed decision. Some of the different fees include:

  • Monthly Fees: Every merchant account has a monthly fee attached to their service. This is simply a flat fee you pay every month.
  • Transaction fees: When a transaction occurs, there is usually a percentage fee attached to the transaction. Obviously, you are looking for a low transaction fee.
  • Payment Gateways: Some companies include one or more payment gateways in their monthly fee. Pay close attention when you are looking, as this can be costly if you misunderstand what you are getting.
  • Batch Handler Fees: This fee is found in many companies but some include it as part of the monthly fee. You incur this fee when batches of information are sent to the credit card companies.
  • Retrieval Fees: Retrieval fees can add up fast if you are in a high risk company because you will incur them whenever a credit card company asks for information about a transaction. For this reason, you should look to avoid companies that include this fee.

Also, always remember to watch out for hidden fees, such as transaction fees that change based on the situation.

How to Spot the Right Deal

As a business owner, you already understand that value matters more than price. This does not mean that you want to be liberal in your spending on a merchant account, but it does mean that you have to look at what you are getting before concerning yourself with the price. With a service like this, an inferior provider could mean a lot of trouble for your business.

When it comes to spotting the right deal, always look for a company that offers prompt and helpful service. Also, make sure that they are up front with their merchant accounts and show all of the fees without any deception. If you can find companies that actually will give you price comparisons, you have struck gold. Once you have this relationship in place, make sure to take every precaution to keep your merchant account safe and secure.

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Understanding the Merchant Account for a High Risk Business

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It is not essential to have a merchant account if you run a business; there are successful businesses that just purely deal in cash. However, if you are looking to grow and develop your business then you might want to consider accepting other forms of payment.

Using a merchant account provider,theyare a third party business that accepts and processes the payments from your customers when they pay by debit or credit card.

Having the ability to allow options for customer payments can increase your sales, as well as increasing your company turnover. It might also enable you to move towards a presence online too.

Having a cash based business, could alienate those people that just don’t carry cash around with them. This could mean that you are losing potential customers and sales.

How do I know if I’m a high risk merchant?

However, there are some businesses which are high-risk; this can be for a number of reasons and if you are high-risk the chances of a high street bank providing you with merchant account services is very unlikely.

Some businesses are high-risk because of the business they are involved in, these include:

  • Businesses that deal in tobacco products and alcohol
  • Online businesses including dating websites, adult based sites and businesses that have global clients.

Also, the credit rating of the company can affect the risk of a business. If the company has experienced some financial problems this could make them more of a risk. However, this is not all, if the owner of the business has had personal financial difficulties in the past this, too, can deem the business in need of a high-risk merchant provider.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a merchant account; it just means you need a provider who is prepared to take the risk with your business.

Finding a high-risk merchant account provider is not difficult but you do need to make sure that you find a provider that offers great rates and doesn’t adda reserve to your account. This effectively holds back a percentage of your money in case of any problems.

Therefore, finding the right merchant account provider could enable you to grow as a business by enabling customers options in how they pay for your goods and services.

Hi, I’m Blair Thomas the Co-founder of emerchantbroker.com, the #1 High Risk Merchant Account company in the US.  I have 10+ years of experience in the electronic payments industry, managing several successful agent offices and registered ISO’s. I work hard during the day and spend my nights and weekends developing my music career as a singer songwriter signed to David Faustino’s label Old Scratch Records. Check out my Google+ page.

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Major Mistakes When It Comes to Trading Forex

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Foreign Exchange offers bid draws and huge rewards for traders especially if the trade works in your favor. However, statistics show that just about 95% of forex trader earn any money. Why this trend? Well, in as much as every trader has a different psychology and personality trait, there are the common mistakes that feature across the line of experienced forex traders and newbies.


Lack of Knowledge

The thought of making a profit must come after getting the required education to enable one to trade.

One must understand the factors that impact the currency market i.e. inflation, taxes, wars, interest rates etc.

Entering the market against the trend with wishful hope that the drift will bend to our favor.

Lack of a Trading Plan/ Routine/ Discipline

Without a trading plan to record one’s actions in the market and the overall trading approach and strategies used, the trader is prone to operate emotionally and from a gambling mindset

A plan lays the basis of the decision-making equation as it tells one where to sell if the trade is losing money.


This happens when one has no trading plan or have not mastered a trading edge yet It racks up transaction costs such as spreads and commissions .Be calm and have a calculated approach to your market


Doing too much of the technical analysis and failing to pay attention to the fundamental analysis

The traders exhaust themselves trying to analyze the various market variable and end up making senseless emotional trading mistakes

Improper use of leverage

Traders use too much leverage i.e. they make a big trade whereas they have a small account balance. A small drift against one’s favor can result to a very great loss

Trading With Emotions

In forex trading, one does not win every time. .Avoid any irrational decisions in an attempt to maximize their profit levels. .Find the logic that support the decisions that you make.

Stop-Loss Orders Too Close or Too Far

Result from the feeling that the market forces will go against our expected direction .Set the stop-loss that you are automatically triggered out of the trade when the set many pips are lost.

Taking Excessive Risk

Excessive risk does not equal excessive returns. .The rule is to risk less than 1%. This ensures that no single trade hurts the traders account significantly

Day Trading

Embraced by those who opportunistic for easy money immediately the market starts to move aggressively.

Day traders attempt to make sense form this random activity losing money in the process

A prudent step is to wait for the market volatility to subside and for a trend to develop before making any trade.

Trading For the Wrong Reasons

Many trade for the excitement of trading without considering the time spent in waiting for the right trade to come along.


Hi! I am Sam, freelancer and part time blogger. I write for various communities on different topics. As of now I am focusing on Sri Lanka Visa project, which will assist you in migration process.

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